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The “White Tank” waterproofing system:
• Drytech “White Tank” waterproofing system for new underground constructions and concrete basement walls, is designed for waterproofing single concrete structures as well as joints, gaps, hollow and through-passing elements, and penetrations.

Engineering Drytech
• “Engineering Drytech” intensively cooperated for with the designers and the contractors during all engineering, installation and control steps of the process.
• Drytech expertise and know-how yield viable and efficient solutions and extensive consultancy to the contractors who can easily access all the benefits of the “White Tank" system in terms of dependability, efficiency time and money savings.

• Very effective waterproofing built into the concrete structure and therefore fully unaffected by any possible dangerous agent. For the same reason it is obvious that the “white tank” waterproofing coating does not alter the thickness of the overall structure that is made tighter even if exposed to aggressive, acid rains.
• The “white tank” system is very long lasting and easy to maintain throughout the entire life: eventual touch-up works can be carried out by special injection techniques without any disruption or demolition work and without interference to the daily use of the building.
• The “white tank” waterproof concrete yields outstanding time and materials savings and remarkable reduction of digging operations on site.
• Drytech is the only structural waterproof concrete system available on the market and is supplied with warranty and insurance.
Renovation systems
• Drytech preventive and remedial renovation systems are based on grouting and injection techniques and find their largest application in construction to provide efficient waterproofing and structural consolidation works of existing buildings and works. All Drytech system are applied straight inside the building structures and require no demolishing and no disruptions.

Emergency interventions
• As Drytech systems can efficiently handle the presence of pressurized water, they especially recommendable for performing emergency interventions.
• Immediate inspection
• Waterproofing jobs carried out with the Drytech system, can be immediately inspected for compliance and efficiency.
Drytech waterproofing/renovation systems are a most popular choice for solving any waterproofing problems notwithstanding what extent of seriousness: from small domestic infiltrations to dams/embankments leaks.

1. Concrete waterproofing injections
Sealant injections for efficient tight sealing of: cracks, joints and overlaps (even under a water head or pressurized water), diaphragms, tunnels, dams, clearing plants, electric power plants, parking lots, etc…
2. Injections of preservatives
Waterproofing of masonry/brick basement walls by means of lime wash / putty techniques.
3. Highly structural consolidation injections
Structural consolidation and waterproofing of stone, bricks or reinforced concrete walls.
4. Injections against capillary rise
Application of a chemical barrier against capillary rise in stone or brick constructions.
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